May 182010


Reinaldo Pagan was born in 1971 in Cuba and graduated in the specialty of painting and drawing from the Provincial Academy of Art, “José Joaquin Tejada” in 1990.  His work is a major contributor to the field of Cuban art in his country.

His art is rich in religious imagery, irony and a sense of the terror and comedy of life.  His works have been exhibited worldwide, including Spain and the United States.  He has become one of the most famous of Cuban artists because of his immense talent and his ability to accurately portray the themes of the grotesque in his work.

He lives with his wife and child in Santiago de Cuba and is associated with the Ateneo Art Gallerie in that city.

In Murcia Chys Gallery in Spain held an exhibit in 2012 entitled DIVERTIMENTOS featuring the paintings of Cuban artists Reinaldo Pagan Avila and Orestes Campos.

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