Nov 172011

havana-artThere’s enough art in Havana this month to satisfy the eternal craving for more art, please. From photography to the old European masters, to the Cuban avant-garde and the latest technology in contemporary art, there is enough to satiate all tastes.

Beginning with photography, there is an exhibit  at the Fototeca de Cuba gallery of the works of international and Cuban photographers. Also not to be missed:  check out their archives of Cuban photography.

At the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Wifredo Lam Gallery, “La Distancia de la Realidad” exhibition of audiovisuals and photographs by Yang Fudong, an artist from China through to November 18.

Throughout November at the Galería La Acacia, don’t miss the “De Armas Tomar” exhibition by the engraver and painter, Jesús González de Armas –  founder of the Indo-American Art Movement, first filmmaker of animated cartoons and renaissance man of  the comic strip in Cuba – must be seen.

Italian artist and sculptor Valerio Berruti exhibits at at the Convento de San Francisco de Asís throughout the entire month of November opening on November 21.

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Edificio de Arte Cubano) hosts works of art by Cuba’s most famous abstract artist, Rigoberto Mena.  “Hablando en lenguas” – an exhibit of 12 large-scale mixed media works of art to November 13.

Also on in Havana throughout November, you’ll find Luís Enrique López-Chávez Pollán, a student of the National Arts Institute, presenting his exhibit Pupilas de santos at the Fundación Ludwig.

At the Galleria Latinoamericana, Casa de las Américas, you can view a group exhibition of engravings created by the winners of the La Joven Estampa Engraving Prize, works from artists throughout the region of the Caribbean and Latin America.

victor-manuel-cuban-artistThe Sala Transitoria del Museo de la Ciudad in Havana offers us a glimpse of by one of Cuba’s  major avante-garde artists,  Víctor Manuel:  “Retratos, paisajes.”  Victor Manuel Garcia is perhaps most well known for his painting of a Cuban woman, which became the archetype of the Cuban woman in art.  If you know nothing about Cuban art, you will quickly recognize this woman, quintessentially, Cuban.  You’ve seen her before, everywhere.

Until January 2012, you’ll have time to visit the  Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Edificio de Arte Cubano) for an experience of the recent works of Cuban artist Carlos Quintana, abstract expressionist master of drawing and color.

“Las Metaforas del Hereje” is the title of an exhibition of the works of art by some of the most famous of  Cuban artists including Luis E. Camejo, Alexis Leyva,  Lázaro Saavedra, Ernesto Rancaño, Belkis Ayón, Abel Barroso, Segundo Planes and others throughout the month of November.  The exhibition “Las Metaforas del Hereje” includes paintings, sculpture, installations, photography and videos.   The exhibition can be viewsed at the Paballon Cuba.

Also running throughout November at the gallery Taller Experimental de Gráfica is the exhibition titled “Pero se graba”  consisting of the works of many Cuban artists including Julio César Peña, Orlando Montalván, Octavio Irving, Orlando Gutiérrez, and Eduardo Leyvaa and others.  The exhibit presents the original masters from which prints are created, all in stunning black and white.

Cuban artist Ariana Gallardo Valdes, now living in South America, presents a solo exhibition of her work at the Galeria Galiano, called “Insomnio” throughout the month of November.

Mixed media art on canvas, photography and sculptures by Cuban artist Leonardo Salgado (Metal Izado) will be found on display at Galeria Galiano until November 21.

If you wish to visit an exhibit of one of the old European masters of art when in Havana, the Baroque master of chiaroscuro, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1573 – 1601) and his paintings along with other artists of the same school can be seen at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Edificio de Arts Universal) in the month of November.

In November, the “Tiemp de Gesta” exhibition at the Museo Biblioteca Servando Cabrera Moreno  is an art show presenting the works of the founding artists of the Cuban Union of Artists and Writers.  On display is art of various mediums from artists such as Mariano Rodriguex, Marcelo Pogolotti, Luis Martinex Pedro and others.

At Casa del Alba, see an art exhibit by Cuban artist José Rodriguez Fuster, whose works are on permanent display at the Centro de Estudios Cubanos in New York and the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La Habana.   Fuster is  most well known for his public art work on the walls and houses of Jaimanitas, Cuba.  His art is on display until the month of December.

Young graduate artists from the San Alejandro Fine Arts Academy present their large-scale paintings, installations and sculptures in “Stainless,” curated by Piter Ortega in the month of November at the Centro Hispano Americano de Cultura.

The new symbiotic relationship between technology and artistic expression can be experienced in XI Salón y Coloquio de Arte Digital at the Centro Cultural Palbo del la Torriente Brau in Old Havana.  Not to be missed this month.

New technology in art can also be seen at the exhibition “Tres Exposiciones” at Factoria Habana in November.  Three exhibitions take place here over the course of the month, demonstrating the role technology plays in the production of modern art.

In the Plaza Vieja of Old Havana’s historical city center, you should not miss visiting the “Proyecciones en la Plaza Vieja” for an exhibition of photographs from the archives of Fototeca de Cuba – on throughout the month of November.

There’s much happening in the art world of  Havana this month where you can  experience the best in traditional and contemporary art in Cuba.  The art scene in Havana today is alive and booming in the city.  You cannot possibly be bored or disappointed by what’s on in Havana this month.  We could say, there’s something for everyone and especially art lovers in Havana and would not be wrong in saying that.

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