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As you stroll through the streets of Havana, keep your eyes open and you will stumble upon art galleries, both large and small, some well known and others seemingly undiscovered.  This is the magic of Havana, where there is always something new to be found. Walking along a sidewalk under the arches of a most glorious historical building along the Paseo de Marti, we stopped at number 458, to find an art exhibition on the first floor of the Gran Teatro.

The Gran Teatro (the Great Theatre of Havana),  is the home of the performing arts in Havana, the home of the opera and the Cuban National Ballet Company.  You will also find an art gallery on the first floor of the building displaying the works of both international and Cuban artists.  At the time of our visit to Cuba, a  exhibition of the works of the Spanish artist Antoni Miro was on display.  The exhibition was called Antonio Gades, Viento del Pueblo, a collection of works inspired by a poem called Wind People written by Miguel Hernandez in 1937.  Antonio Gades died in 2004.

The subject of this exhibition was the great Spanish flamenco dancer, Antonio Gades with whom Miro also had a friendship.  The 24 works on display also include a bronze bust of the dancer, Gades, and digital art on canvas, images of small format photographs of Gades.

Vientos del pueblo me llevan,
vientos del pueblo me arrastran,
me esparcen el corazón
y me aventan la garganta.

The winds of the people carry me,
the winds of the people blow me on,
scattering this heart of mine
and readying my throat.

Address of the Gran Teatro:
458, Paseo de Marti


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  1. I,myself adore your articles on Cuban art and Cuba so much, hoping you can compose far more outstanding ones. Gracias!

  2. Thank you Ines for the compliment. We love the art and writing about it.

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