Aug 282013

Cuban artist Juan Lazaro Guitierrez painting in his studio in Havana.

The walls of the studio of Juan Lazaro Gutierrez are adorned with his paintings and the works of the other artists who share this little studio. The studio is a large front room of another family’s house. Juan Lázaro is shown here as he stands at an easel, painting another of his works of art. A couple of his friends sat around. Music, always present, always filling the warm air and streets of Havana was playing in the background somewhere. 


Painting by Juan Lazaro Gutierrez from a series of paintings called “meditations.”


The subjects of his paintings are the objects of daily life in Cuba, simple objects such as a chair, a piece of fruit or a bowl of fruit. Some paintings are abstracts, obscure subjects which evolve as a result of his daily meditation. Sometimes his paintings are portraits of dark mysterious women whose skin has been blessed by the sun. The unique colors of his paintings appeal, beautiful contrasts between colors. A woman, dark and golden from the sun, wears a brilliant blue sweater, adorned by a hat of tropical fruit.

Juan Lázaro was born in 1973 in the town of Manuel Lazo, Pinar del Río in western Cuba. He is a prolific Cuban artist and has held many art exhibitions within Cuba. His paintings have also been a part of Cuban art exhibitions abroad, in countries such as Peru, Canada and France.

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