Oct 282014


New painting by Cuban artist Reinaldo Pagan Avila. Title: El Encantador (The Enchanting or the Lovely).

Reinaldo Pagan Avila is an artist from Santiago de Cuba. He now lives and works in Spain. In 2012, his art (as well as fellow Cuban artist Orestes Campos) was part of an interesting exhibition at the Murcia Chys Gallery in Spain. The exhibition was called Divertimentos (Amusements).

Pagan describes his painting as,

This painting is of a blond boy trying to seduce a mulatto Cuban ballerina. The painting speaks of the theft of talent and siren songs that seduce Cuban artists to leaving their best job offers in other countries such as the USA, Europe or elsewhere. The technique I used for this painting is mixed: coffee, ink and watercolor.”

Lately, his painting technique has include the use of coffee with watercolor on paper. He is also currently working on canvas for a series of paintings he calls “Tauromaquia“, the bulls and bull fighting.

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