Oct 302014


The above painting is called “El niño que soy” (The Child that I am). From a series of new art works (2012-2013) by Cuban artist Reinaldo Pagan.

The following is a recent discussion with Pagan as he talks about his more recent art works:

The technique I use is almost always mixed. It’s coffee and watercolor. The first is a series that came out of an exhibition in Cuba in 2009, that title : Playing Art. The method I use is the antecedent combinatory art of René Magritte.

In my work there is always a direct connection with the history of art in some way so there are almost always elements that cite the works of other artists of worldwide fame such as Marcel Duchamp, Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee, René Magritte and other artists and artistic movements.

I avail myself of this work to re-contextualize in order to produce new content mixed with anachronistic elements. There are metaphorical ideas of social critique of my country but one can see also there universal themes, all seasoned with a sense of humor. Issues such as immigration, racism and cultural nationalization are universal felt by all people.

My painting is like a mix of flavors and odors, metaphorically speaking.

The works which use coffee as a pigment answer a series titled Profiles Colonizados (Profiles of the Colonized). These coffee portraits are usually accompanied by a fruit or other object in color that is triggered criticism. In this series, coffee pigment also has a symbolic meaning; this material represents Cuba and its people. Those who lived in Cuba and have migrated like us. Then I used watercolor to highlight with color. I mean, the coffee is the process of colonization that Cuba first experienced with the Spaniards and then with their own rulers. As we know, the Cubans are a mix of cultures, which is a cultural richness of what its people should be, but that wealth is truncated by the lack of freedom of expression. So artistic formulas have been sought by artists who find solutions in metaphor and parables and others, in migration.”


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