Jan 242015


This painting one of the new works of Reinaldo Pagan Avila, painted in 2013 in Spain where he now lives. This painting is from a series he began to paint in his new homeland.

The work is titled: “Cráneo que nace torcido” (Born with a Crooked Skull).  It is oil on canvas.

The work discusses and meditates upon Utopian thought, blended with the dreams of the artist.   The artist is plagued with the constant dream of changing the world, that positive change will be a result of the work. As one of the most often misunderstood characters in society, the artist finds him or herself frequently marginalized by the society in which they find themselves. The symbolic image of the Tower of Babel represents the diversity of languages and the moment when individuals ceased to understand “the Other.”  The actual moment where humans cease to understand each other is no more clearly evidenced than at this time in history.

Pagan says some artists seeks solutions “in metaphors and parables and others, in migration.”

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