Jan 242015


Fábrica de Arte Cubano is closed for renovations for about a month.  Sometimes in Cuba, it is difficult to find out what’s on and what might be closed at the time one visits Havana.  We dropped by the Fábrica de Arte Cubano (olive oil factory in the former El Cocinero) near the Puente de Hierro (bridge) one night January 6th, longing for a night of music and art.

Most disappointing after the 10 CUC (Cuban Convertible Currency) from Old Havana was to discover it is closed for a month.  However, since we’d taken the ride from Old Havana we decided to have dinner in the upstairs restaurant.  I can’t remember the name of the restaurant which is actually classified as a paladar – a privately owned restaurant.  It’s very upscale, chic design, low lighting and has a lovely terrace outside.  We ate on the terrace.  My companion ate a salad and I ate a pork tenderloin dish, accompanied by some wine.  The food’s okay, the wines are expensive (expect to pay Canadian prices), cash only is accepted, but it’s a lovely dining experience for its terrace, its decor and ambiance.

In saying this, one can never be sure if an estimate on the time required for renovations is exact.  We can assume the Fábrica de Arte Cubano will be open again in early to mid-February, but recommend you phone before you head out to the Fábrica de Arte, just in case.  It’s a bit of a haul from Old Havana.  We’ll be back soon in Havana and look forward to a night of art, music and performance at factory owner X Alfonso’s Fábrica de Arte Cubano.


Climbing the stairs to the restaurant. Art is everywhere in Havana.


The restaurant upstairs at Fabrica De Arte Cubano, dining room with a view to the terrace.



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