Apr 032015

Exterior of the National Arts School (Escuelas Nacionales de Arte) where the opera “Cubanacán, A Revolution of Forms” will take place.

The 12th Biennale Havana 2015 program and artists have been announced on the official Havana Bienale website. The twelfth edition of the Biennale is scheduled to open May 22 and will run until June 22, 2015.

The city will become the official exhibition space during the one month long of exhibits and performances combining various  artistic expressions such as theater, cinema, music, and dance.  There will be no central point in Havana for the 12th Biennale 2015.  Rather, the exhibitions will take place all over the city at galleries, institutes, universities and research centers.  Entitled ‘Between the Idea and Experience’ both Cuban artists and international artists will collaborate to produce art outside of the margin, the art of “the South.”


Biennale Havana is an important international cultural event which floods the city with art buyers, dealers, and collectors who come to witness the latest on the powerful Cuban art scene.  The Biennale takes place every two years in Havana.

On the 22nd of May at 10:00 am, the official opening of the 12th Biennale Havana 2015 will take place at Convento San Franciso de Asis (San Franciso de Asis Convent) in Old Havana.  This 12th Biennale of Havana is organized and curated by the director Fernandez Torres of the  Centro de Arte Contemporaneo Wifred Lam.

Approximately 90 artists from around the world will be participating along as well as 27 Cuban artists and groups in solo and collective projects, recently announced by the curatorial team of the 12th Biennale Havana 2015.

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