Apr 102016


Andy Cano was born in 1982 in Santiago de Cuba, the city known as “the capital of Afro-Cuban culture”. He was grown in an ambient full of art. He started playing the guitar when he was a little child and he has played in the band that he formed and named “Los Chicos del Barrio – The Kids of the Suburb” in national and international festivals for many years.

In 2000, he had the opportunity to travel to Europe on a music tour with his band, with the sponsorship of UNESCO. He came to realize his passion and talent for painting, while he stayed with the Spanish painter Manuel in Paris-Montmartre, as a part of the tour. In 2001 Manuel visited Cuba and they have prepared exhibitions together in several cultural centers.

Andy Cano has been living in Istanbul, Turkey, since 2010 and continues his music carrier. After visiting Cuba in 2014, he started painting again. He realized that the best way to express the nostalgia for his country and family is through painting.

His favorite style is expressionism, he paints using his imaginations and his memories from his beloved country, Cuba.

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