Aug 132016

Juan Lazaro Guiterrez, self portrait of the artist.

Cuban artist Juan Lazaro Gutierrez  speaks about his art.

“I try to express my ideas and thoughts by giving them the exact date of the year in which I finish the canvas.  The inner world and my experiences of my life each day are reflected in my work, but in a non-figurative manner.   The anger, regret and joy that I feel are expressed in my art.

I turn everything into art, to which I dedicate my whole life.

This dedication has been at the root of my art.  Creating my style took me some time and I gave to it my own profile, so when my work is recognized and admired I feel really gratified by it.

In the “Meditations” series, I am trying to remind people to caress, to love and to talk because when we were children our parents gifted us with love and positive values.  By not following this, we hear young people in the street lacking respect for older people and vice versa.  This negativity is expressed in my canvas by desperate strokes of the paintbrush, vivid colors, and occasionally writing texts in my works.

In fact, I only seek to make people to feel better among themselves, and by this,  I am not referring only to those couples in love.  For this reason, one finds in my paintings extra-terrestrials, artifacts, bicycles and even people (always in an unearthed landscape: for me, art is the manifestation of things that for many reasons, we leave unspoken….”

Juan Lazaro will be exhibiting his art in Belgium this month.

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