Ateneo Art Cuba.com is a site about Cuban art.  It was originally created to promote certain Cuban artists who were associated with the Ateneo Art Gallerie in Santiago de Cuba.  The goal was to provide the artists with supplies such as paint, brushes and canvas in order to create their works of art.  It is also to provide these artists with a market on the internet in order that their works reach a greater audience world wide.

We have been coming to Cuba since 1985.  This was in the days when a relationship existed between Cuban and the U.S.S.R.  Tourism barely existed.  We came to the one and only resort in Guardalavaca, a renovated army barracks.  Now, there are many more resorts in this area and throughout Cuba.  The relationship between Cuba and the U.S.S.R.  no longer exists and much has changed since then.  Cuba recognizes the benefits of tourism.  It is a major industry in this beautiful country.  We have explored Cuba from the south east to the north east, central Cuba, all along the coast to the capital city of Havana. During our travels to Cuba, we discovered its art, its people and all that is essentially Cuban, its realities, its passions, its failures and successes.

We still come to Cuba frequently but we avoid the tourist resorts because we love the vibrancy Cuban life offers outside of the tourist resorts. We do love Havana.

We established AteneoArt Cuba in 1999.  It is a non-profit organization, the goal of which is to provide artists in Cuba with basic art supplies in order to create their works of art and to then market their works of art worldwide via the internet.

Ateneo Art Cuba is not associated with political party or ideology. In fact, we find politics and ideologies very boring because we love ART.

All images on AteneoArtCuba are copyrighted by the owners of this site and may not be copied without the express consent of the owners.  If you wish to use some of the images, please contact us, using our contact form.You may note that some of the photographs on this website may appear to be of a lower quality, taken in less than perfect conditions. The reason for this is that many of the older photographs taken around 1999 were not taken with a digital camera and may have been taken by those with the perfect photography skills, hence, the resulting appearance. Most of the photos here were taken by the owners of Ateneo Art Cuba. The other photos sourced from other photographers we have credited the source to the best of our abilities and knowledge at the time of publication.

Transparency statement:  We receive income from the ads displaying on this website which pays for the hosting and maintenance of the website as well as the continuous production and research of good content and images.

It was a wonderful idea that some people thought would actually succeed.  The dream is to dream big.

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