Sep 232010

El Igloo, painting by Yuri Moreno.

Painted by Yuri Moreno with his usual sense of the absurd – that of placing an igloo in a jungle-like setting in the painting.  “El Igloo” (the Igloo) further illustrates the bitter sense of humor he extols in his body of work.He often places objects together which do not belong together in reality.   The destruction of Nature is a common theme in his art. The  colors are strong and bright, the style is art naïve.

The painting created in 1999, measures 67 x 47 cm.  It is acrylic on canvas.

View other paintings by Yuri Moreno and  read his biography to learn more about this Cuban artist.  To see a larger version of the painting, click on the image.

Moreno now lives and creates in France.


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