Juan Lazaro Gutierrez Says Art is the Manifestation of Unspoken Things

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Aug 132016

Juan Lazaro Guiterrez, self portrait of the artist.

Cuban artist Juan Lazaro Gutierrez  speaks about his art.

“I try to express my ideas and thoughts by giving them the exact date of the year in which I finish the canvas.  The inner world and my experiences of my life each day are reflected in my work, but in a non-figurative manner.   The anger, regret and joy that I feel are expressed in my art. Continue reading »

Cuban Artist Andy Cano

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Apr 102016


Andy Cano was born in 1982 in Santiago de Cuba, the city known as “the capital of Afro-Cuban culture”. He was grown in an ambient full of art. He started playing the guitar when he was a little child and he has played in the band that he formed and named “Los Chicos del Barrio – The Kids of the Suburb” in national and international festivals for many years.

In 2000, he had the opportunity to travel to Europe on a music tour with his band, with the sponsorship of UNESCO. He came to realize his passion and talent for painting, while he stayed with the Spanish painter Manuel in Paris-Montmartre, as a part of the tour. In 2001 Manuel visited Cuba and they have prepared exhibitions together in several cultural centers. Continue reading »

Engraving by Omar Alonso

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Apr 032015

Print by Omar Alonso


The sometimes dark, sometimes comical blend of surrealism found in Havana artist Omar Alonso’s work can be found in this numbered print of his.  This work is from 2009, in which he uses an engraving technique with dry point on formica. The work is a representation of a woman playing music while dancing.  She is, Alonso says  like an actress of the Latin jazz scene.  Alonso unlocks for the purpose of externalization a dark complex personal world, in chromatic austerity.

This numbered print by Omar Alonso is from a collection of prints by the artist.  It is a new acquisition at Ateneo Art Cuba.  This print measures 5″ x 9″ inches in size with a border, making the entire print 9″ x 14 1/4″.

Omar Alonso is a self-trained artist and graphic artist working in a variety of media. He is a member of ACCA.  He can be found surrounded by his works on the Mercaderes, no.120 in old Havana in a small gallery. The gallery can be found on the way to Plaza Habana Vieja.

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Man with a Hat at Night – Omar Alonso

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Jan 292015

Man with a hat at night. Painting by Cuban artist Omar Alonso.

Another new acquisition for Ateneo Art Cuba.  This dark painting is called “Man with a Hat at Night,” by Cuban artist Omar Alonso.  Alonso lives in Havana and has a small gallery in old Havana.   Continue reading »