Juan Lazaro Gutierrez Says Art is the Manifestation of Unspoken Things

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Aug 132016

Juan Lazaro Guiterrez, self portrait of the artist.

Cuban artist Juan Lazaro Gutierrez  speaks about his art.

“I try to express my ideas and thoughts by giving them the exact date of the year in which I finish the canvas.  The inner world and my experiences of my life each day are reflected in my work, but in a non-figurative manner.   The anger, regret and joy that I feel are expressed in my art. Continue reading »

Juan Lazaro Gutierrez Paintings

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Aug 282013

Cuban artist Juan Lazaro Guitierrez painting in his studio in Havana.

The walls of the studio of Juan Lazaro Gutierrez are adorned with his paintings and the works of the other artists who share this little studio. The studio is a large front room of another family’s house. Juan Lázaro is shown here as he stands at an easel, painting another of his works of art. A couple of his friends sat around. Music, always present, always filling the warm air and streets of Havana was playing in the background somewhere.  Continue reading »

Jan 062012


Juan Lázaro Gutiérrez Momblas is one of the Cuban artists we met by chance one afternoon wandering along the interesting streets of Havana. In Havana, it doesn’t matter if you lose your way because you will always find your destination in the end and then you will find your way back home again.  And while you are lost, you will be surrounded by the constant rhythm of the city, it’s music, its art, its crumbling beauty, its hustle, its charming people.  This the thing I love about Havana.  There is always something new to discover in this historical city. Continue reading »