Art Work by Reinaldo Pagan Avila

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Oct 022010


One of the most outstanding artists in Cuba today, Reinaldo Pagan Avila from Santiago de Cuba is a most prolific painter. He has painted since he was a child. His parents divorced and he grew up with his mother in the hills of Santiago in a little town called Vista Hermosa. Pagan studied art at the José Joaquín Tejada Art School but is self taught in water colors and other artistic techniques which he learned from the books he read. Continue reading »

SED by Pagan

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May 282010


This Cuban art work is an ink drawing in blue tones created by Reinaldo Pagan in 1999.  Its subject is the perceived role of women in society and in the world of man.  It features the woman’s duality as both the mother figure – a slave to the concept of family, nurturing the child and also existing as an object of desire and sex for the man.  Both feed hungrily at her breasts.  But the draining of woman by these two roles of servitude, not necessarily chosen by her, leaves her injured and bleeding by the blade which cuts into her flesh.

This drawing measures 6.5 x 7.5 inches.

Art by Pagan

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May 212010


Art created by Reinaldo Pagan is ironic, grotesque and plays most dangerously with Christian imagery intertwined with that which is the soul of Cuba.  A sacrificed or exhausted Christ figure lies upon an a broken sunbed in Cuba – the world’s favorite vacation destination.

This painting by Pagan is called Pesadilla en Columpio (Nightmare in a Swing) was painted in 1999.  It is a watercolor on paper, measuring 60 x 40 cm.