Sale on Cuban Art

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Nov 052011
"Pernik" Artist: Pavel Moraguez. 1999.

“Pernik” Artist: Pavel Moraguez. 1999.

Past sale of Cuban Art.  We are having a sale on some  Cuban art by Pavel Moraguez on eBay.  Three of his paintings can be bought for a reduced price at

The paintings are:  “Pernik,”  “Woman II” and “Cuban Hooker and Van Gogh.”  Just search for Cuban art by Pavel Moraguez and those three paintings will come up in your search results at eBay.  Buy now at a discounted price!  Just in time for the holiday season for the person on your shopping list that loves Cuban art!

All paintings are shipped in sturdy tubes and protected by bubble wrap.  Purchaser must pay for handling, shipping costs and insurance. Paintings are not stretched and mounted.  No frame.

Ateneo Art Cuba also has many other works by Cuban artists on our Cuban art for sale page.  Please direct all inquiries to our Contact page by clicking here.

To view details of the other works that are for sale, go to our Cuban art for sale page.

“Cuban Hooker and Van Gogh” is no longer available.

Updated:  These paintings are no longer available for sale at eBay.  They can still be purchased from our Cuban art for sale page by clicking here.

Woman II by Pavel Moraguez

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Sep 232010

Woman II by Pavel Moraguez

Pavel Moraguez Mok of Holguin, Cuba, painted a series of paintings of women in the 1990s.  The forms of the women in his paintings are like sculpture, because he also sculpts as well as works with oil and canvas in his methods for creating art. Moraguez has painted many paintings for the Ateneo Art Cuba group.  Moraguez was trained in Moscow as a young student.  He has traveled and exhibited in the United States, eventually returning to Cuba. Continue reading »

Creating Art to Survive in Cuba

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Jul 132010
cuban art

Painting for Survival

As previously mentioned in my last posting, many Cuban artists paint on commission to survive.  Tourists, seeking both to help the individual artists and to have a souvenir and memory of the vacation in Cuba, will hire a Cuban artist to paint their portraits.  It works both ways for the artist and the tourists who become subjects of the paintings.

This painting is by the Cuban artist, Pavel Moraguez Mok of Holguin, Cuba and features another couple from Holland who hired him to paint their portrait.  This oil on canvas painting now hangs on the walls of the home of this happy couple.

Next time you visit Cuba and you meet a talented Cuban artist, see if you can negotiate a work of art.  It both helps the artist to survive and you will receive a most unforgettable souvenir of your time spent in Cuba.  The prices for this type of souvenir are very reasonable and you can negotiate a fee with the artist.

Cuban Painting by Commission

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Jul 062010


A Couple from Holland by Pavel Moragues

One of the ways that Cuban artists have made money in order to survive is to paint for tourists who visit the island.

This is a painting by the Cuban artist, Pavel Moraguez-Mok of his subjects, a “Couple from Holland.”  This couple from Holland met the artist at one of the hotels in Cuba and commissioned him to do a painting of themselves.

This painting is acrylic on canvas and I am certain that the couple visiting Cuba were very happy with the work of art which is a personalized souvenir of their vacation in Cuba.

Cuban Hooker and Van Gogh

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May 272010
cuban artists cuban hooker van gogh

Cuban Hooker & Van Gogh by Pavel Moraguez

Update: This painting is no longer available.

Painting by Pavel Moraguez, a Cuban artist from Holguin, Cuba.  This is his painting titled “Cuban Hooker & Van Gogh, a large work, picturing the artist Van Gogh as if he were  in the Cuba of today.  This was painted in 1999 and imitates the style of Van Gogh.  The painting is oil on canvas and measures 2 ft x 5 ft 11 inches.

This painting is for sale.  Purchase via Paypal. Price $750 USD plus shipping, handling and insurance.