The Havana Biennial – a global event

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Jun 022015


The international art world has descended on Havana to savor its 12th Biennial art exhibition. With the current thawing of US – Cuba relations, many might be tempted to think this is the first time the world has visited. In fact, since the late 1980s to early 1990s, Cuba has been opening up its beauty to the world. Every two years since 1984, Havana has presented both its own artists and international artists to join in the celebration of art of the South and North. Continue reading »

Best Guides to Cultural Events in Cuba

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Feb 072015
A sculpture within the Plaza de Armas Museo de la Cuidad Palacio de los Capitanos Generales

A sculpture in the Museo de la Cuidad, Palacio de los Capitanos Generales, Plaza de Armas, Havana

The best guides to cultural events in Cuba would have to be La Papaleta and the CubaAbsolutely websites.  La Papaleta is published in Spanish only, so if you can read Spanish you can find out what’s happening in cultural events for the entire island.  If you don’t speak Spanish, you’re somewhat out of luck there, so hop over to the CubaAbsolutely website. Continue reading »

The Havana Biennial 2015

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Oct 112014


Attention Cubafiles, art lovers, curators, collectors, Havana lovers:  The next Havana Biennial will take place from May 22 to June 22, 2015. There will not be a central exhibit area but the city will play an active role as backdrop for the 12th Havana Biennial 2015 event. Havana Biennial is an international  cultural event which floods the city with art buyers, dealers, and collectors who come to witness the latest on the powerful Cuban art scene. The Havana Art Biennial to take place in 2015 is the twelfth event and is striking testimony to the powerful pull Cuban art exerts on the international art and cultural scene. Continue reading »

Unfinished Spaces

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Oct 212012

Photo courtesy of: John A. Loomis, Source Wikipedia

It was 1961, over a game of golf at the Havana Country Club just outside of the city,  that Fidel Castro and Che Guevara discussed and made plans to build National Art School of Cuba on the grounds of the Club.  Building of the School began but was later abandoned because of a lack of government funding and the political climate.  The buildings still stand today and are regarded as an architectural marvel. Continue reading »

Orestes Campos and Reinaldo Pagan at Murcia Chys Gallery

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Feb 162012


The Murcia Chys Gallery in Spain has opened an exhibit entitled DIVERTIMENTOS featuring the paintings of Cuban artists Orestes Campos and Reinaldo Pagan Avila. From the 30th of January until the 18th of February you will have the opportunity to see the works of these two incredible Cuban artists. Both Campos and Pagan were some of the original artists first featured here on Ateneo Art Cuba Gallery a long, long time ago. Continue reading »