Vestiphobia Premiers at Fabrica de Arte Cubano February 23

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Feb 182017


Vestiphobia will premiere February 23 and run until the 26th at Fabrica de Arte Cubano (FAC) in Havana. American artist Willard Morgan is the creator of Vestiphobia, a project collaboration of Cuban artists in Havana and American artists in New York.

Willard Morgan is an artist, writer, filmmaker, photographer and creator of Vestiphobia production.  He was interviewed by the editor of Cuba Business Report. The following are excepts from that interview:

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La Marca Body Art and Gallery Celebrates its Second Anniversary

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Feb 052017


La Marca Body Art and Gallery is perhaps one of the most known galleries in Havana.  It’s run by Leo Canosa and his wife Ailed.  Leo is both an artist and a talented tattoo artist who runs this alternative cultural gallery.  La Marca is the first legal tattoo studio in Havana as well as one of the best places to find the new works of upcoming artists in Cuba.  La Marca is centrally located in Old Havana at Obrapía 108C, between Oficios and Mercaderes.

The Gallery is celebrating its second anniversary “MarcaDos Ciclo – Second Anniversary Exhibit,” with
 the opening of the exhibition “Remanga & Son” last Friday, February 3.

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The Havana Biennial – a global event

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Jun 022015


The international art world has descended on Havana to savor its 12th Biennial art exhibition. With the current thawing of US – Cuba relations, many might be tempted to think this is the first time the world has visited. In fact, since the late 1980s to early 1990s, Cuba has been opening up its beauty to the world. Every two years since 1984, Havana has presented both its own artists and international artists to join in the celebration of art of the South and North. Continue reading »

Wrinkles of the City

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Oct 232014


The subject of this video is the art project, Surcos de la ciudad, “Wrinkles of the City,” for the 11th Havana Art Biennial in 2012 .

Invited by the Wifredo Lam museum to contribute to the Art Biennial, Havana forms the backdrop to the works. Its worn, decaying buildings bear the portraits of 25 older people who have lived through and endured the history of the city.   The video is directed by the two artists who created the murals, JR (from France) and José Parlá, (a Cuban American artist).  It features their work, the artists’ process in the creation of the murals as well as conversations with the people who were photographed. Continue reading »

Graffiti Art in Havana

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Oct 112014


There’s always Cuba’s beloved “el Che”,  Ernesto Che Guevara, seen almost everywhere you go in Cuba.  The graffiti art scene in Havana is alive and well.  Along the decrepit walls, on the side streets and on the main streets you can see the art of the street artists of Havana.  Oh yeah, and make no mistake, these anonymous street artists make it overtly or subtly political.  From the faces of the revolutionary heroes of Cuba to the criticism of the concept of the Santa Claus who never comes or the skeleton of death overlooking the city, it’s passionate.  It’s critical.  It’s vibrant, like the city:  it’s alive.  Continue reading »