Oct 252014


New painting by the Cuban artist Yuri Moreno Ruiz.  Title of this work:  “The Dream of the Cayman” 1 m 80 x 60 cm. Charcoal on linen.

Yuri spoke of his symbolic crocodile,

“I use the threads because it represents the social ties and the wings always to fly to be free.
It is the dream of an island, a great dream of being free without the social/political. Or it is the dream of all of Cuba, an island that sleeps in her development. The strings symbolize the social ties that exist, the wings – the desire to fly, to escape, to be free. It does not matter which country, we are always bound. Here in Europe it’s the same. I do not use color for the fact of changing context, to be in Europe where everything is a gray or black.

The crocodile that sleeps, well known to its inhabitants, is part of the West Indies and is located in the archipelago of the Antilles. Key West has Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas and Haiti, as their nearest neighbors.

The Verde Cayman

On Cuba: “My long green lizard. My alligator asleep on the Caribbean. A haunted amount of blue. An explosion of green. Beaches and palm trees. Land of Poets and dreams. Rios tight honey. Music of drums, guitars, whispering forest, soft hills, mountains looming. Small portion of the universe where everyone loves and build. Land of joys and promises, promising bright sunrises and sunsets. Cuba of all and for all, of our America and the world … Does not it seem very special?” Written by Galia Luz, 17, 11th grade.


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