Dec 032011



Cuban artist Manual A. Alvarez’ painting of the skyline of Havana.

As mentioned in a previous posting, Cuban artist Manuel A. Alvarez Suazo, “Lolo,” was busy painting a new series of paintings for an art exhibition to take place in Denmark. The new theme of his work is the old classic American cars of the 1950s which can be seen everywhere on the streets of  Cuba.  Prior to this, he had been working on a series of paintings featuring the city of Havana. He had painted the skyline of Havana, the beautiful balconies of Havana, his city. This is one of the paintings of his visions of the city of Havana still remaining in his studio.

In this video, unfortunately only in Spanish, Lolo (Manuel A. Alvarez Suazo) explains his art and how he expresses the city of Havana in his work.  Lolo is an artist to watch in the Cuban art scene.


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