Nov 202010

El Gran Come-Candela, painting by Orestes Campos of Santiago de Cuba.

This painting was created by Orestes Campos of Santiago de Cuba.  It is an oil on canvas and measures 69 x 54 cm.  Campos painted this work of art in 1999.

“El gran come candela”, translated from Spanish means, “The Big Flame Eater.” Campos has tried to portray in this painting the big flame eater as one who devotes his life to the Cuban revolution and therefore receives the material benefits of the Revolution.  Many artists in Cuba suffer from poverty until  they begin to sell their works of art to tourists and then beyond the borders of Cuba. This work of art is a parody of  what he calls “the circus” and belongs to a series of paintings by Campos which he calls the same name, “El Circo” – the Circus.


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