Oct 112014


There’s always Cuba’s beloved “el Che”,  Ernesto Che Guevara, seen almost everywhere you go in Cuba.  The graffiti art scene in Havana is alive and well.  Along the decrepit walls, on the side streets and on the main streets you can see the art of the street artists of Havana.  Oh yeah, and make no mistake, these anonymous street artists make it overtly or subtly political.  From the faces of the revolutionary heroes of Cuba to the criticism of the concept of the Santa Claus who never comes or the skeleton of death overlooking the city, it’s passionate.  It’s critical.  It’s vibrant, like the city:  it’s alive. 

It would be difficult to find a city as culturally alive as this one in the western hemisphere.  Canada doesn’t quite cut it and neither do most places in the USA.  Ask anyone who’s visited Havana.  They’ll rave on about the art scene, the music scene, the architecture, the classical and modern dance scene and much more not to be mentioned here.  Art in Cuba is not only mainstream, it pops out at ya on it’s walls.  Check out more of these photos from the street artists of Havana.  Perhaps Banksy ought to drop by in the night.


The skeleton of death who hangs out, watching over Havana or sticking your tongue out at the Christmas that never comes. Take your pick, interpret how you want. Another thing to love as you walk through through the streets of the city of beauty and decay. Love Havana.


Enjoy the art on the walls of the city of beauty and decay. A little politics, a little humour on your stroll home.


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