Dec 032011

Painting by Manuel A. Alvarez Suazo, “Lolo.” Cuban Surrealism. Havana.

More paintings here from the Cuban artist “Lolo,” also known as Manuel A. Alvarez Suazo of Havana.  These paintings are the works he is currently busy painting for his upcoming exhibition in Denmark.

He paints the classic American car seen all over the streets of Havana, juxtaposing  the photo realism of the car placed in an unreal space or position that contributes to the magical aspect of his work.  The car – the 1950’s symbol of Cuba, floats above the white-sand beach, above the island under a gleaming moon.

Beneath the moon and the car, the island of  Cuba is reflected in the light of the moon.  In another painting, a classic American car is balanced precariously on an island in the sea, an island made of old tires and garbage.  In another of his paintings, two cars form the support structure of an old Cuban house, its verandah draped with the daily laundry hung out to dry, so often seen when walking the streets of Havana.  This is Cuba.

This is Lolo’s vision of Havana.  Visit his website at to see more of his art or read our previous articles on Lolo and also here.




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