Mar 192016


This is a pastoral scene painted in 1983? by a Cuban artist named Oscar.  The work of art is signed.

The painting is an example of artists who painted in the modern era adhering to the impressionistic style of art.  It is owned by a family in Havana who wish to sell the painting privately.  It was a gift to the family from the artist.  The family has owned the painting for 33 years.

What we know:  The painting is signed by the artist Oscar and dated ’83.  Oscar came from the village of Aguacate, Madruga, in the municipality of Mayabeque.  The family does not know if there are other paintings by the painter Oscar.

What is known and remembered about Oscar is that he worked as an art teacher at the House of Art and Culture in the village of Aguacate.

The painting is framed and measures 68 cm by 50 cm.  It is oil on canvas.  If you know more about the artist, the painting or would like to buy this work, please contact us.


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