El Corral

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May 302010


“El Corral” by the Cuban artist, Yuri Moreno. “El Corral” depicts a sense of endangerment to the environment. Many of the art works by Yuri Moreno reflect his concern about the threats to the environment, long before environmentalism was the darling topic of conversation among the elites of this world. He paints in the naïve art style, colorful works, child-like but depicting the concerns of the modern world.  Notice that life is barren beyond the boundaries of this farm, the earth, this planet. There is nothing else but the planet we live on.

This painting measures 42 x 52 cm.

Un Tranvia Hamodo Deseo

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May 292010
Cuban art orestes campos

Un Tranvia Hamodo Deseo (A Streetcar Named Desire) 1999

Painted by Cuban artist Orestes Campos in 1999, “A Streetcar Named Desire” (Un Tranvia Hamodo Deseo).

This painting measures 116 x 90 cm.

Figures from classical Renaissance paintings incongruously placed aboard a modern street car in Cuba.

You will find irony and humour in many of the paintings of Cuban artists today.  Campos frequently uses figures of the Renaissance in his works.

Cuban Hooker and Van Gogh

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May 272010
cuban artists cuban hooker van gogh

Cuban Hooker & Van Gogh by Pavel Moraguez

Update: This painting is no longer available.

Painting by Pavel Moraguez, a Cuban artist from Holguin, Cuba.  This is his painting titled “Cuban Hooker & Van Gogh, a large work, picturing the artist Van Gogh as if he were  in the Cuba of today.  This was painted in 1999 and imitates the style of Van Gogh.  The painting is oil on canvas and measures 2 ft x 5 ft 11 inches.

This painting is for sale.  Purchase via Paypal. Price $750 USD plus shipping, handling and insurance.