Feb 062012


Whilst in Havana, we saw many examples of collage as a contemporary form of art.  Three examples caught our attention.   Beautiful women, Havana Club rum, perfect mojitos, music everywhere and text from newspapers and magazines.  It reminds us of a Cuban singer we once heard sing.  He called himself the Cuban Johnny Cash.  His voice was deep and rich and powerful when he spoke and when he sung those lovely old Cuban songs.  He said his voice came from years of  Cuban rum and cigars.  Old world Cuba and Juventud Rebelde – Rebellious Youth – this is the Cuba of today, a mix of the past entwined the the present.. Continue reading »

El Trasgu Art Gallery opens its doors in Havana

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Dec 042011



Contemporary Art in Havana

A new gallery recently opened its doors about a month ago in Havana.  This is another art gallery in Havana showcasing contemporary Cuban art to be added to your list of must-visit galleries in Havana. El Trasgu Art Gallery is owned by art specialist and curator Hilda M. Barrio.  It is located in old Havana in a beautiful old building with its entrance on the Paseo del Prado at the corner of Virtudes, Habana Vieja.  You’ll also find three good Cuban restaurants in the same building featuring international and Cuban food on their menus. Continue reading »