Juan Lazaro Gutierrez Paintings

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Aug 282013

Cuban artist Juan Lazaro Guitierrez painting in his studio in Havana.

The walls of the studio of Juan Lazaro Gutierrez are adorned with his paintings and the works of the other artists who share this little studio. The studio is a large front room of another family’s house. Juan Lázaro is shown here as he stands at an easel, painting another of his works of art. A couple of his friends sat around. Music, always present, always filling the warm air and streets of Havana was playing in the background somewhere.  Continue reading »

Feb 062012


Whilst in Havana, we saw many examples of collage as a contemporary form of art.  Three examples caught our attention.   Beautiful women, Havana Club rum, perfect mojitos, music everywhere and text from newspapers and magazines.  It reminds us of a Cuban singer we once heard sing.  He called himself the Cuban Johnny Cash.  His voice was deep and rich and powerful when he spoke and when he sung those lovely old Cuban songs.  He said his voice came from years of  Cuban rum and cigars.  Old world Cuba and Juventud Rebelde – Rebellious Youth – this is the Cuba of today, a mix of the past entwined the the present.. Continue reading »

Jan 282012

Alicia-Perera-Cuban-artAlicia Perera is an artist from Havana.  She also owns an art gallery which she shares with a couple of other artists in Cojimar, a small coastal town, about an hour outside of Havana.  Cojimar is the seaside town where American writer Ernest Hemingway bought a farmhouse and lived with one of his wives. Continue reading »

Nov 302011



Manuel A Alvarez “Lolo,” painting in his studio on the Obispo in Havana.

Strolling along the Obispo in Old Havana, one finds many artists’ workshops and galleries.  If you are in search of Cuban art, you must talk a walk on this very famous street called the  Obispo.  Many of the little shops along Obispo sell what can be labelled as “tourist art” or what we have fondly nicknamed “Bodeguita” art.  It’s “cute,” produced for the masses, but not what we are in search of.  Tourist art or “Bodeguita”art is what the artists of Havana paint for tourist souvenirs for a quick profit for survival in Cuba.  It is mass produced and features time and time again the quickly painted images of Cuban cars, sexy Cuban nudes – like “velvet paintings” or the street where you’ll find one of the most famous tourist hangouts – a very lively bar in Havana called La Bodeguita del Medio.  The sign for La Bodeguita del Medio dominates the paintings and everyone seems to want one as a souvenir of their Cuban holiday. Continue reading »