Sep 222010
Cuban Painting - Decadencia

Decadencia by Jesus Borjas Ochoa

Ateneo Art Cuba presents this Cuban painting entitled “Decadencia” (“decay”) by the artist Jesus Borjas Ochoa was painting in 1999.  It is an oil on canvas painting measuring 55 x 38 cm.

Painted in a somewhat art naïve style, it represents an island of decay, in simple terms where its infrastructure is in a state of decay and poverty where people exist in sub-standard housing and use broken utensils which have seen better days.  The island of decay is viewed from the inside of a window of a building which is also showing signs of decay.

“Decandencia” is available for sale – please see our Cuban art for sale page or use our Contact form to inquire about purchasing.  AteneoArt Cuba is a non profit organization, supporting artists in Cuba.

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