La Caza by Yuri Moreno Ruiz

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Sep 222010


La Caza or The Hunt by the Cuban artist Yuri Moreno Ruiz of Santiago de Cuba is another of his interesting works, painted in the art naïve style he most frequently uses to express himself in his work.

This painting is brightly colored, acrylic on canvas and measures 19 ¼ “ x 15 ¼ ” inches.

La Caza depicts the hunter who comes out of the tropical forest, poised with bow and arrow to arrive at the incongruous room complete with a blue and white tiled floor, brightly colored green curtains, a towel rack and a small table. His prey is a zebra, not a native animal of Cuba. As always, Moreno paints with a certain sense of humor in his work. The message is what the viewer makes out of these oddly placed elements which don’t fit together.

Yuri Moreno painted this work of art in 1998 in Santiago de Cuba.

La Caza is available for sale on Ateneo Art‘s Cuban Art for Sale page.