Untitled Lithograph

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Sep 222010
Cuban Art


A beautiful lithograph by the Cuban artist Bezier on homemade paper created in 1999.  It shows the silenced woman of modern day Cuba, who is lost in thought or sleep, surrounded by the mathematical precision of the steps of perhaps Maurits Cornelis Escher’s steps.

Cuban artists, out of necessity, imposed by poverty and the shortage of paper upon which to create art, make a lovely thick-grained paper upon which to draw, print and paint. This lithograph measures 25″  x 19.5″.

You can purchase this Cuban work of art from Ateneo Art Cuba by contacting us using our contact form.  To view this and other Cuban paintings and lithographs, please see our Cuban art for sale page.

Women As Artists in Cuba

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Aug 152010

Maternidad, 1999. Adea. Lithograph on homemade paper. Holguin. Cuba.

The life of women and not just female artists in Cuba is particularly difficult.

This work of Cuban art is entitled “Maternidad” and is a lithograph on hand made paper.  Many Cuban artists, out of necessity and resourcefulness make their own paper which is a rough thick grained paper.  The artist is a woman named only Adea.  She sells her art along with other artists who group together near the hotels in Holguin, Cuba.

“Maternidad” represents the struggle of fertility, motherhood and the difficulties of being a mother in a third world country such as Cuba.  Much of the responsibility of child rearing falls on the shoulders of women who must support and care for their children.  Being an artist in Cuba is a struggle in itself.  Add to this, the necessities of childcare and feeding your children on the earnings of an artist, it is no easy task for female artists in Cuba.  Female artists in Cuba need the benefits of exposure through art exhibitions and the opportunity to sell their works to tourists who visit the hotels of Cuba.

This lithograph measures 12 ” by 7″ with a border of 1.5 inches surrounding the edges of the actual lithograph.