Wrinkles of the City

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Oct 232014


The subject of this video is the art project, Surcos de la ciudad, “Wrinkles of the City,” for the 11th Havana Art Biennial in 2012 .

Invited by the Wifredo Lam museum to contribute to the Art Biennial, Havana forms the backdrop to the works. Its worn, decaying buildings bear the portraits of 25 older people who have lived through and endured the history of the city.   The video is directed by the two artists who created the murals, JR (from France) and José Parlá, (a Cuban American artist).  It features their work, the artists’ process in the creation of the murals as well as conversations with the people who were photographed. Continue reading »

Art in the streets of Havana

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Nov 292011


As a tourist destination, Havana is hot right now.  Everybody is going there or is about to go there, that is, except for the Americans who are generally denied the right to visit Cuba.  The Russians, (no longer Communists but rich capitalists), the Eastern Europeans, the Canadians, the British, the Spanish, the Indians, the Chinese, the South Americans – everybody is coming to Havana.  For art lovers, historians, music lovers, and others with a “purpose” from the U.S. A.,   there is the chance to visit Cuba on an organized tour.  Why even actor/director Benicio del Toro was recently in Havana to film his latest movie, “Seven Days in Havana,” (7 días en La Habana)!  Currently “Seven Days in Havana” is in post-production, soon to open at the Latin American Film Festival.  We’re willing to bet the rest of America will come running over shortly and see what they’ve been missing.  Pray for the days when the Americans won’t have to fly out of Toronto or Mexico.  And bet on it, Cubans are eagerly waiting for the Americans to return to Cuba.  They can’t wait, seriously, for the Americans to return. Trust us on this one.

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