Dec 112016

The School of Music. La Escuela de Musica, Escuelas Nacionales de Arte (National Art Schools) located just outside of Havana.

Worth watching if you are interested in the architecture of Havana, Cuba.

Wonderful video of a project by Vittorio Garatti

Mitsuko Uchida
Mozart – Piano Sonata in C major K.545
Mozart – Piano Sonata in B flat major K.333
Mozart – Piano Sonata in D major K.576
Leonardo Perez, Lester Monier, Marcos Madrigal, Francoise ZayasLa Region Mas Transparente – II. Movido”
Carlos Farinas and Olga Chkourak

See also “Unfinished Spaces,” (2011), a documentary film about the art schools.


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