Sep 232010

Woman II by Pavel Moraguez

Pavel Moraguez Mok of Holguin, Cuba, painted a series of paintings of women in the 1990s.  The forms of the women in his paintings are like sculpture, because he also sculpts as well as works with oil and canvas in his methods for creating art. Moraguez has painted many paintings for the Ateneo Art Cuba group.  Moraguez was trained in Moscow as a young student.  He has traveled and exhibited in the United States, eventually returning to Cuba.

The art work shown here is called Woman II and one finds a woman in the forefront, a shadow in the background of another, whether angel or ghost or something just imagined.  The oil on canvas painting measures 81 x 101 cm. This painting was done in 1999.

Other works by Pavel Moraguez can be viewed here.

If you are interested in purchasing this work of Cuban fine art, this painting as well as many other works of art are available for sale on our Cuban art for sale page.


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