Apr 032015

Print by Omar Alonso


The sometimes dark, sometimes comical blend of surrealism found in Havana artist Omar Alonso’s work can be found in this numbered print of his.  This work is from 2009, in which he uses an engraving technique with dry point on formica. The work is a representation of a woman playing music while dancing.  She is, Alonso says  like an actress of the Latin jazz scene.  Alonso unlocks for the purpose of externalization a dark complex personal world, in chromatic austerity.

This numbered print by Omar Alonso is from a collection of prints by the artist.  It is a new acquisition at Ateneo Art Cuba.  This print measures 5″ x 9″ inches in size with a border, making the entire print 9″ x 14 1/4″.

Omar Alonso is a self-trained artist and graphic artist working in a variety of media. He is a member of ACCA.  He can be found surrounded by his works on the Mercaderes, no.120 in old Havana in a small gallery. The gallery can be found on the way to Plaza Habana Vieja.

Alonso is a self taught artist. His work is abstract; some in acrylic, some in sharp dry print (ponta seca), a type of wooden print stamp. He works on canvas and paper and at other times on the beautiful roughly-hewn handmade paper that Cuban artists so often use in their artistic work.

His work has been exhibited in many group and solo exhibitions throughout Cuba.

View other works by Omar Alonso here and here.  This work is available for sale on our Cuban art for sale page.


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