Apr 032017

Images from the Cuban cinema.  Carlos Enrique Almirante and Jorge Perugorria.

Stony Brook University Hispanic Film Festival Highlights Cuban Cultural Diversity Through Contemporary Cuban Cinema

From New York, NY — For the first time ever, Stony Brook University’s Hispanic Film Festival dedicates its entire annual program to Cuba, featuring a selection of contemporary films from the island. Organized by Gisele Blain De Dios of the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature at the University, which is located in Long Island, NY, the presentations and discussions focus on independent film production, and the themes health and education in Cuba.

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Apr 032017

Collaboration project: contribution Danier:  Translation:  Information About the International Film Festival in Gibara

The Ministry of Culture, the Cuban Institute of art and cinematographic industry (ICAIC), the Government of Holguin, and Government of Gibara, convened to participate in the International Film Festival of Gibara, to be held from 16 to 22 April 2017.

Humberto Solás, the Cuban filmmaker, inspired to create the festival event aimed to open a wider spectrum to communication between the arts.

The Festival has to Gibara as headquarters for its significant role in the history of Cuban cinema and for the love that has developed village gibareno by the seventh art and the arts in general.

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Vestiphobia Premiers at Fabrica de Arte Cubano February 23

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Feb 182017


Vestiphobia will premiere February 23 and run until the 26th at Fabrica de Arte Cubano (FAC) in Havana. American artist Willard Morgan is the creator of Vestiphobia, a project collaboration of Cuban artists in Havana and American artists in New York.

Willard Morgan is an artist, writer, filmmaker, photographer and creator of Vestiphobia production.  He was interviewed by the editor of Cuba Business Report. The following are excepts from that interview:

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La Marca Body Art and Gallery Celebrates its Second Anniversary

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Feb 052017


La Marca Body Art and Gallery is perhaps one of the most known galleries in Havana.  It’s run by Leo Canosa and his wife Ailed.  Leo is both an artist and a talented tattoo artist who runs this alternative cultural gallery.  La Marca is the first legal tattoo studio in Havana as well as one of the best places to find the new works of upcoming artists in Cuba.  La Marca is centrally located in Old Havana at Obrapía 108C, between Oficios and Mercaderes.

The Gallery is celebrating its second anniversary “MarcaDos Ciclo – Second Anniversary Exhibit,” with
 the opening of the exhibition “Remanga & Son” last Friday, February 3.

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