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Attention Cubafiles, art lovers, curators, collectors, Havana lovers:  The next Havana Biennial will take place from May 22 to June 22, 2015. There will not be a central exhibit area but the city will play an active role as backdrop for the 12th Havana Biennial 2015 event. Havana Biennial is an international  cultural event which floods the city with art buyers, dealers, and collectors who come to witness the latest on the powerful Cuban art scene. The Havana Art Biennial to take place in 2015 is the twelfth event and is striking testimony to the powerful pull Cuban art exerts on the international art and cultural scene.

“Between the Idea and Experience – Twelfth Havana Biennial – May 22 through June 22, 2015:
In the midst of the festivities on the 30th anniversary of the Havana Biennial, the Wifredo Lam Center is disclosing the curatorial proposal of the twelfth Havana Biennial edition to take place from May 22 through June 22, 2015.

Reviewing the history of the Havana Biennial we perceive how each edition has left open issues and forms of doing taken from previous editions. This time the curatorial team pretends to remodel working strategies atomized in previous meetings, to explore other roads than those of the mega exhibition, although these might be occasional exercises. This turn is part of one of the most precious resources of the Havana encounter: to feel the city and its people, which equals involving its population and professional communities, its micro-policies and micro-spaces of socialization.”

Jorge Fernandez Torres, is both Director and a Curator of the 12th Havana Biennial. Margarita Gonzalez Lorente is Artistic Director. The following people act as curators for the 2015 Biennial event:

  • Nelson Herrera Ysla
  • Jose Manuel Noceda Fernandez
  • Margarita Sanchez Prieto
  • Ibis Hernandez Abascal
  • Dannys Montes de Oca Moreda
  • Jose Fernandez Portal

Source:  For further information, please visit the Havana Biennial Foundation website.

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