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May 182010

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Pavel Moraguez Mok

Pavel Moraguez Mok explains that in his latest works, the woman as the theme of his works has become the epicenter of his universe.  This Cuban artist can be seen around the hotels and resorts of Cuba, selling his work to tourists.  Many of the artists in Cuba do so in order to earn a living when gallery space is not available for them to exhibit their works.

He states that he is very sensitive to the beauty and sensuality of the face and figure of the female form. The treatment is to evoke a social content, to defend the existence of woman which is for him, the only beautiful and valuable thing that humanity will save after destroying the environment.

Technically, he favors the effect of the drawn image integrated into the whole picture.

Pavel is also a sculptor and this ability can be seen in his drawings and paintings. There is in them solidity in the volume and the modeling.

Moraguez was born in Holguin, in 1970.  In 1985, he graduated from the School of Plastic Arts in Holguin specializing in drawing and sculpture.  In 1989, he was sent to study in Moscow at the State Institute of Art.

His art work can be found in collections in private homes around the globe.

May 182010


This site will cover the artists involved in the Ateneo Art Gallerie in Santiago de Cuba.  These artists are actively painting and distributing their works of art in Santiago and other cities in Cuba such as Havana and Holguin.

A brief background of the lives of these artists and their works can be found here. We also write about the art galleries, exhibitions and events related to the arts world in Cuba.

The following artists and their works are available including Pagan, Yuri Moreno, Pavel Moraguez, and Campos.  More artists and their works will appear later in the production of this website.

We will also sell some of the works by these Cuban artists.  Many of the works of art on this site have already been sold and are to be found in private homes and art galleries worldwide.