Jul 132010
cuban art

Painting for Survival

As previously mentioned in my last posting, many Cuban artists paint on commission to survive.  Tourists, seeking both to help the individual artists and to have a souvenir and memory of the vacation in Cuba, will hire a Cuban artist to paint their portraits.  It works both ways for the artist and the tourists who become subjects of the paintings.

This painting is by the Cuban artist, Pavel Moraguez Mok of Holguin, Cuba and features another couple from Holland who hired him to paint their portrait.  This oil on canvas painting now hangs on the walls of the home of this happy couple.

Next time you visit Cuba and you meet a talented Cuban artist, see if you can negotiate a work of art.  It both helps the artist to survive and you will receive a most unforgettable souvenir of your time spent in Cuba.  The prices for this type of souvenir are very reasonable and you can negotiate a fee with the artist.


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