Cuban Art for Sale


Ateneo Art Cuba is an online gallery with paintings and works of art for sale by Cuban artists.

AteneoArt Cuba is a non-profit organization which supports artists in Cuba.  We sell works of art made by the artists who live in Cuba.  We ship worldwide.  All profit from the sale of art goes towards supporting artists in Cuba.

For the artists to create, they have to have the basic needs all artists require:  materials such as canvas, paint brushes and paint.  Cuban artists also need a space in which to create and display their works.  Like all artists worldwide, they need a market in which to sell their works.  Today, the Cuban art market is booming with the latest developments in the Cuban-American relationship.

The images of the paintings in the Ateneo Art Cuba online gallery have been photographed at a high resolution.  They have been optimized for display on the website for optimal loading times.  The appearance and colors of the paintings may vary slightly from the images on the website.

Please click on the images to see a  larger view of the art work.  All paintings are shipped in tubes and bubble wrap.  Purchaser must pay for handling, insurance and shipping costs.  If you have any questions about the Cuban art for sale at Ateneo Art Cuba, please use our Contact page for inquiries or purchasing.



Paz. No. 10/25. 1999. Reyes. Print on homemade paper.

Paz. No. 10/25.  1999.  Artist: Reyes. Print on homemade paper.  11 1/4″ x 18″ inches.  Price:  $98 US.


cuban-artist-painting-by-oscar Pastoral scene.  Date:  1983?  Artist: Oscar.  (Madruga, Mayabeque).  Material: oil on canvas. Size: 68 cm by 50 cm.  Please inquire for more information about purchasing.  This is a new acquisition.  We do not have a lot of information about the painting.  This is not contemporary Cuban work of art.  It is offered for sale privately by a family living in Havana.  The artist is deceased. Price: $750 US.



The Fish and the Woman

The Fish and the Woman. 2014.  Artist:   José Antonio Oliva.  Material:  oil on card.  Size:  17  1/4 inches by 13  5/8 inches.  Please inquire for information about purchasing.  This is a new acquisition for Ateneo Art Cuba.  Price:  $375 US.  This work has now been SOLD.



No. 1/50 print by Omar Alonso

Print No. 1/50. 2009 by Omar Alonso.  Price:  $200 US.  This is a new acquisition.



Man with a Hat, painting by Omar Alonso.

Man with a Hat by Omar Alonso, 2002. 21 x 26 inches.  Oil on canvas.  $300 US.  This is a new acquisition.



Lady with Hat by Cuban artist Omar Alonso.

Lady with Hat by Omar Alonso, 2002. 21 x 26 inches.  Oil on canvas. Price:  $350 US.  This is a new acquisition.



Juan Lázaro Gutiérrez Mumbles

Lady with Grasshopper.  No. 15 by Juan Lázaro Gutiérrez Momblas, 2012. 20 1/2″ x 16 1/2″ inches.  Mixed media on canvas. Price:  $500 US.



No. 20 by J.L. Gutiérrez

No. 20 by Juan Lázaro Gutiérrez Momblas, 2010. Mixed media on canvas.  39″ x 31 1/4″.
Price:  $400 US.


Zombie by Alicia Perera

Zombie by Alicia Perera, 2011. 31.25 x 15.5 inches.  Price:   $400 US



Lithograph: No. 5/10 Bandaid Solutions for the Island by Angela Vidal.

Bandaid Solutions for the Island. 1999. by Angela Vidal. Price:  $120 US.



Cuban Hooker and Van Gogh by Pavel Moraguez Mok.

Cuban Hooker and Van Gogh by Pavel Moraguez, 1999. 2 ft x 5 ft 11 inches. Update: This painting is no longer available.


Nidoy-Trampa by Bayola. 1998.

Nidoy Trampa. Bayola. Ink and water color, 1999. 10.5″ x 8″.  Price:  $95 US.



Maternidad Lithograph by Adea.

Maternidad. Adea. Lithograph. 12″ x 7″. Home made paper.  Price:  $98 US.



Sed. Reinaldo Pagan.

Sed by Pagan. Ink Drawing.  6.5″ x 7.5″.  SOLD.


Untitled. Lithograph. Artist: Bezier.

Untitled.  Artist:  Bezier.  Lithograph on homemade paper.  25 1/4″ x 19 “.  Price:  $115 US.



Paisaje Cubano. Jose Carlos Paz.

Paisaje Cubano. Artist: Jose Carlos Paz. Oil on Canvas. 112 x 80 cm.  Price:  $400 US.



Decadencia (Decay) by Jesus Borjas Ochoa

Decadencia. Artist: Jesus Borjas Ochoa. Oil on Canvas. 55 x 38 cm.  Price:  $300 US.



La caza. Yuri Moreno Ruiz.

La Caza (The Hunt). Artist: Yuri Moreno Ruiz. Acrylic on Canvas. 19 ¼ “ x 15 ¼ .

cuban art for sale

Woman II by Pavel Moraguez

Woman II. Artist: Pavel Moraguez Mok. Oil on Canvas. 81 x 101 cm.  Price:  $300 US.



La Correspondencia by Pavel Moraguez

La Correspondencia. Artist: Pavel Moraguez Mok. Oil on Canvas. 12 3/4″ x 53″.  Price:  $600 US.



Pernik. 1999. Pavel Moraguez Mok.

Pernik. Artist: Pavel Moraguez Mok. Oil on Canvas. 95cm x 184 cm.  Price:  $650 US.



Boy on an Island by Jesus Borjas

Boy on an Island. Artist: Jesus Borjas. Oil on Canvas. 55 cm x 38 cm.  Price:  $250 US.



Hecho en Cuba by Ramiro Ricardo. 1999.

Hecho en Cuba.  1999. Artist:  Ramiro Ricardo. Print. No. 5/10.  11 1/8″ x 14 1/2″ inches.  Price:  $120 US.



Untitled. 1999. Artist: Bayola.

Untitled. 1999.  Artist: Bayola. Ink drawing.  Price $95 US.



Untitled. 1999. Ink drawing. Bayola.

Untitled no. 2. 1999. Artist: Bayola. Ink drawing. Price $95 US.