Oct 242014


Art evolves. Everything changes, nothing stays the same. Truth evolves.  The almost impossible task of capturing Truth as it changes.  Yuri Moreno: self portrait.

Yuri went to France in 2002. Self portrait surrounded by the many faces of the Mona Lisa, La Gioconda. She’s overwhelming, repetitive: the number one tourist stop at art for a little dose of art and culture: The Louvre. Then go gaze at her. Ambiguity.

What would he take with him from his native city of Santiago de Cuba to his new home in France?

He brings with him that Cuban idiosyncrasy and blend of culture: the Santiaguero: the blend of African Cuban, Haitian, French and Spanish. He brings to France also his crocodile, the Caïman crocodile that is bound with string or ropes, floats, falls. But more about that crocodile later. He brings with him a little of that comedy, a little of the Dada-Ist-A.

Yuri Moreno. Make us laugh but instead, we might cry.


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